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Feral Flame. These are Lea, Phoenix, and Poriya, three talented fire performers who have been conquering the stages of Germany together for several years!


Poriya carves a unique niche in the circus world, merging his talents as a circus performer, educator, and musician with over ten years of dedication. His innovative approach to object manipulation and fire mastery, enriched by acrobatics and dance, marks him as a pioneer in his field.


Phoenix shines as a powerhouse acrobat, fire dancer, and creative director with over 10 years of professional experience in circus arts. With intensive training in two leading circus academies, he has dazzled audiences around the world, from Canada to Mexico, from Portugal to Italy and beyond. 


Lea embodies rhythm and movement as a dancer, dance teacher, life coach and aspiring dance therapist. Her lifelong devotion to dance now primarily embraces the spirited realms of jazz, contact improvisation, and the captivating art of fire dance.

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